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Long Lasting Attars: A Journey Through Timeless Fragrances

Step into a world of enduring scents with our exploration of long-lasting attars – fragrances that stand the test of time.

by madinaperfumes

03 Nov 2023

Natural Ingredients 

Attars are crafted using natural ingredients like essential oils, flowers, herbs, and spices. These natural components tend to have more staying power compared to synthetic ingredients, which can evaporate quickly.


Attars are highly concentrated perfumes. They contain a higher percentage of aromatic compounds compared to traditional alcohol-based perfumes, which are diluted with alcohol or water. This concentration means that attars release their fragrance slowly and persistently over time.

Base Oils 

Attars are often blended with carrier oils, which not only help dilute the fragrance but also serve to anchor the scent to the skin. These base oils are typically long-lasting, and they release the fragrance gradually.

Evaporation Rate 

Attars have a slower evaporation rate compared to alcohol-based perfumes. The absence of alcohol in attars means that the fragrance doesn't evaporate as quickly, allowing it to linger on the skin and clothing.

Complex Blending

Attars are meticulously blended to create unique and harmonious fragrances. This blending of multiple notes and ingredients results in a complex scent that tends to stick around for a longer duration.

Skin Interaction

The natural oils used in attars interact with the warmth of your skin. This interaction enhances the scent's longevity and creates a more personalised fragrance.

Memory Association

Our brains tend to remember scents that linger for a while. Attars, with their long-lasting nature, often create strong scent memories that stick with us.

Non Alcoholic

Non-alcoholic perfumes, often referred to as alcohol-free or oil-based perfumes, offer several advantages compared to traditional alcohol-based fragrances. 


Non-alcoholic perfumes tend to have better staying power on the skin. They are less volatile than alcohol-based perfumes, which means the scent lingers for a longer duration.


Alcohol can be drying and irritating to the skin, particularly for individuals with sensitive or dry skin. Non-alcoholic perfumes are typically formulated with skin-friendly oils and do not cause skin dryness or irritation.


Some people are sensitive or allergic to alcohol, and alcohol-based fragrances can trigger skin reactions or headaches. Non-alcoholic perfumes are an excellent alternative for those with alcohol sensitivity.


Non-alcoholic perfumes are often considered more environmentally friendly. They do not contribute to air pollution as alcohol-based perfumes do when they evaporate.


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