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The art of perfume application: where and how to use fragrance

Perfume holds a significant place in our lives for several reasons, making it an important aspect of personal care and self-expression.

by madinaperfumes

26 Oct 2023

Perfume holds a significant place in our lives for several reasons, making it an important aspect of personal care and self-expression. The art of perfume application involves knowing where and how to apply fragrance to ensure it lasts longer and makes the most impact. Here's a guide on where and how to use fragrance effectively.

Pulse Points


Apply perfume on your inner wrists. These areas emit heat, helping to diffuse the scent throughout the day.


wrist.png (333 KB)




Dab or spray perfume on your neck just below the earlobes. This area is the pulse point and releases heat, enhancing the fragrance.


neck.png (283 KB)


Inner Elbows


The crook of your elbows is another warm spot. A light application here will help the scent develop.


inner elbows.png (209 KB)


Behind the Ears

Apply perfume behind your ears for a subtle, long-lasting effect. Hair often retains scents well, so this area works nicely.

Chest and Cleavage


A light spray or dab on the chest or cleavage area allows the scent to rise and envelope you. Be cautious not to use too much, as this area is close to your nose.


chest.png (296 KB)


Spritz perfume lightly on your hairbrush or directly onto your hair. Your hair can hold fragrances for an extended period, and it can create a beautiful scented trail when you move.

Behind the Knees

The area behind your knees emits heat and can help disperse the scent. Apply a small amount for a subtle effect.

Ankles and Calves

For a lighter and refreshing scent, you can apply perfume to your ankles and calves. As you move, the scent will be released gently.



You can also apply perfume to your clothing, but be cautious with delicate fabrics, as some scents can stain. A light spray from a distance is usually best. Avoid spraying directly on jewellery, as it may tarnish.


clothing.png (332 KB)


Tips for Effective Perfume Application:


To enhance the longevity of the fragrance, consider using complementary body lotion or oil from the same fragrance line or family. This creates a more complex and longer-lasting scent.

Spray from a Distance

Hold the perfume bottle about 6-8 inches away from your body when spraying. This helps to distribute the scent evenly and prevents it from becoming overpowering.

Don't Rub 


Avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume, as it can break down the scent and alter its development.


dont rub.png (380 KB)


Less is More: Apply perfume sparingly 

Overapplication can be overwhelming and may even cause headaches for you and those around you. Start with a light application and adjust as needed.

Reapply Sparingly 

If necessary, you can reapply throughout the day, but do so sparingly to maintain a subtle, pleasant aura.

Store Perfume Properly 


Keep your perfumes away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, as these can alter the fragrance. Store them in a cool, dark place.


store perfume.png (206 KB)


Consider the Occasion 

Choose scents that match the occasion and the environment. Light, fresh scents are often preferred for daytime, while richer, more intense fragrances are suitable for evenings and special events.


Perfume application is an art that combines personal preference with knowledge of how scents work. It's essential to understand your fragrance and adapt its application to create an appealing and long-lasting effect. By following these guidelines, you can enhance the art of perfume application and make the most of your chosen scent.


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