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Top Note: Refreshing citrus

Heart Note: Enveloping florals

Base Note: Woody warmth

Family: Oriental blend

Board on a journey of exquisite glamour with Makhalat rashid as this fragrance marries the richness of oudh with the freshness of floral and citrus notes. A harmonious symphony of captivating ingredients unfolds, leaving you confidently elegant. With its inviting blend of fragrances, it captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. Perfect for daily wear or special occasions, Makhalat Rashid stands as a masterpiece that elevates your fragrance collection to remarkable heights. A well-chosen fragrance, like Makhalat Rashid, can boost your confidence and enhance your overall mood. Engage yourself in the enchantment of Makhalat Rashid and let its captivating fragrance weave a world of luxury and sophistication around you.

Ingredients: Oudh(Agarwood), Floral, Citrus, spices, Woody, Resins and Balsams

Manufacturer Name: Madina Perfumes

Manufacturer Address: Kamal Mansion, Haji Niyaz Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 005.

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Start with a Small Amount: Attar is highly concentrated, so you only need a small amount.

Apply to the Pulse point: Common pulse points include the wrists, inside elbows, behind the ears, and the base of the neck.

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