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Top Note: Citrusy

Heart Note: Woody

Base Note: Opulent

Family: Oriental

Size: 45ml

Secret Oudh is a fragrance that combines the natural fragrances of rose, oud, earthy tones, woody essences, and mossy notes. The richness of the rose gives a sweet floral aroma, while the oud brings a deep and mysterious touch. Earthy tones add a grounded and natural feel, blending seamlessly with the warm and comforting woody notes. Mossy undertones produce a fresh and outdoorsy sensation. Crafted with care, Secret Oudh is a delightful mix of these ingredients, creating a unique and pleasant fragrance experience. Perfect for those who appreciate a simple fragrance. It's a combination that brings nature's beauty to your senses. Engage yourself in the harmony of rose, oud, earthiness, woodiness, and mossiness with Secret Oudh, a fragrance that whispers simplicity and natural elegance.

45ml Sporty Lemony Masculine Fragrance Will Attract Everyone Around You

Ingredients: Rose, oud, earthy, warm spicy, woody, mossy, fresh spicy and floral.

Manufacturer Name: Madina Perfumes

Manufacturer Address: Kamal Mansion, Haji Niyaz Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 005.

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To apply, spray or dab on pulse points like wrists, neck, and behind knees. Avoid rubbing, keep spray a few inches away. Apply on clean skin before dressing, layer for extra depth, and refresh as desired throughout the day.

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